We specialise in a range of fencing from residential to commercial, security to decorative

Leicht’s Products specialises in manufacturing fences for every application and have a wide range of products and materials to choose from. We also have considerable experience to ensure that your fencing decisions are appropriate to your needs.

Econofence Pool Fencing
Colorbond Fencing Decorative Fencing
Batten Fencing Tubular Fencing
Weldmesh Fencing Tennis Court Fencing
Security Fencing

Over the years we have produced fences for homes, pools, housing estates, government contracts, businesses and industry. Each fence has had its requirements and Leicht’s Products has met these requirements to the satisfaction of our customers.

Leicht’s Products encourage our customers to consider the application when choosing a fence. If you have a Colonial-style home, for example, it may be more appropriate to have a wooden picket fence, whereas a contemporary-design home might look better with rendered piers and tubular or batten panels.

If you have a pool, it should be appropriately fenced to keep young children from entering the pool without supervision. When choosing a pool fence however, you should also give consideration to the whole area of your garden in which the pool is located, because a good fence should not only perform its function, but it should also look good.

***Please note all drawings, pictures etc are a representation only. Actual gate and/or fence placement, size and design may alter depending on size, situation and product availability***