Leicht’s Products make magnificent gates to compliment any fence

We can make a gate for your fence in any colour and from any material that you choose. We have a wide range of styles and materials to choose from and a wealth of experience to help you make the right choice.

An appropriate gate adds the right finish to a good fence, no matter what the fencing application and with the range of materials, decorative styles and mechanisms that are now available, you can have the right gate for your fence.

Colonial Gates Belmont Gates
Chelsea Gates Harmony Gates
Kirribilli Gates London Gates
Mayfair Gates Regency Gates
Sorrento Gates Victoria Gates
Westminster Gates Windsor Gates

A gate should be practical, functional, appropriate and attractive. All of our gates fit this description!

All Leicht’s Products gates are also meticuluously engineered and fabricated to ensure that they function well for a long time. Durability is a standard with all Leicht’s Products.

The primary function of a good gate is to control access to and from a particular area. In some cases the gate is only really symbolic, inasmuch as it really is not intended to be impenetrable, but rather to emphasise the fact that when you pass through it, you are entering into a different space, of which you should be aware.

Many gates however, perform a much more controling function. By installing certain gates you clearly show to all who come to that gate that it is not intended that they should just casually pass through.

A gate that is really only intended to perform a symbolic purpose needs to express this. It should not be high, strongly built and generally intimidating.

However, a gate that is supposed to give people the message that it is to be respected, ought to be bold and intimidating so that those who approach it should be left in no doubt that it stands for a purpose.

***Please note all drawings, pictures etc are a representation only. Actual gate and/or fence placement, size and design may alter depending on size, situation and product availability***